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  • Platforma 22 d.o.o. za razvoj i investicije
  • Trgovački sud u Zadru - stalna služba u Šibeniku, MBS: 110080992
  • ERSTE&STEIERMÄRKISCHE BANK d.d., Rijeka, HR9724020061100873786
  • Temeljni kapital: 21.000,00 HRK u cijelosti uplaćen
  • Članovi uprave: Ivana Bujas Rupić, Krešimir Kovač, Matija Bumbak


Over 320 projects done with over 150 happy clients.

Our contribution touched
health, wealth and happinessin
the city of Šibenik

17th century fortress renovated

It all started with revitalising the fortresses and beaches.

Barone fortress: Discovering the past - the path to a successful future, EFRD, IPA IIIC - BRI, 2014.-2016.

… and 16 other cultural heritage revitalisation and tourism development projects

Old centre is fitted for entrepreneurs

The support system for small entrepreneurship got stronger.

Entrepreneurship development in the old city centre: Jewel Model, SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme, 2012.-2014.

… and 5 other the old city centre revitalisation projects

High education advanced

To get students, the focus is on a great educational infrastructure.

Palacin dorm, EFRD, Modernization, improvement and expansion of student accommodation infrastructure for disadvantaged students, 2017.-

… and 7 other higher education development and R&D projects

Islands started revitalising

Renewing some of the island’s infrastructure is very gratifying.

Feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis for the project “Intermodal urban ecological public transport system UrbEco”, OP Promet, 2015.-2016.

… and 3 other island revitalisation projects

Entrepreneurship got a bit easier

In boosting entrepreneurship, we needed a strong ecosystem.

Urbani incubator 2.0., MINPO, Entrepreneurial impulse 2014., 2014.-2015.

… and 20 other entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem development projects

Public transport upgraded

Whenever we can, we choose to go green.

Sustainable Transport E-Planner to Upgrade the IT-HR mobility - STEP UP Interreg V-A, IT-HR CBC Programme, 2018.-2019.

... and 4 other public city transport improvement projects

The list of projects involve everything
from private businesses to public
government bodies

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