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  • Trg Dražena Petrovića 10, HR-22000 Šibenik
  • +385 22 216 864


  • Platforma 22 d.o.o. za razvoj i investicije
  • Trgovački sud u Zadru stalna služba u Šibeniku, MBS: 110080992
  • ERSTE&STEIERMÄRKISCHE BANK d.d., Rijeka, HR9724020061100873786
  • Temeljni kapital: 21.000,00 HRK u cijelosti uplaćen
  • Članovi uprave: Ivana Bujas Rupić, Krešimir Kovač, Matija Bumbak


You want to start a new project but you don’t know what direction to take?

That’s where the Ideation Platform comes in.

We take everything you do best and merge it with the market’s needs.

ideation platform

Who is it for?

Private sector

  • A. Entrepreneurs who’d like to start a business or advance their existing one
  • B. Investors in business, real estate or something else. We can find your next money haven.

Public sector

  • A. Cities, counties and other government bodies
  • B. Faculties & institutes
  • C. ... and everything in between

How does it work?

1. Immersion

  • Understanding what you do
  • Listening where you want to be
  • Learning about your resources
  • ...

2. Research

  • Looking in public & private funds
  • Selecting the source of funding
  • We may even find you partners
  • ...

3. Idea

  • We bring you a solution by taking your resources and the market’s demand into consideration.
New ideas can give a new perspective.
Email us and let’s create something new!