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  • Platforma 22 d.o.o. za razvoj i investicije
  • Trgovački sud u Zadru - stalna služba u Šibeniku, MBS: 110080992
  • ERSTE&STEIERMÄRKISCHE BANK d.d., Rijeka, HR9724020061100873786
  • Temeljni kapital: 21.000,00 HRK u cijelosti uplaćen
  • Članovi uprave: Ivana Bujas Rupić, Krešimir Kovač, Matija Bumbak

About us

Platforma 22 d.o.o. is founded by Matija Bumbak, Ivana Bujas Rupić and Krešimir Kovač after many years of work in the private and public sector on the preparation and implementation of projects.

Our experience dates back to 2005 when EU projects were in their early stages in the Republic of Croatia. As we believe that cooperation is the key to success, we have opened our Platform to all professionals who have the knowledge, experience, and energy to provide the highest quality service. In our closest circle of associates, we gathered the experts in the field of EU funds, finance, accounting, public procurement, marketing.

The strength of our team lies in the constant pursuit of excellence. We are continuously adopting new knowledge and are up to date with all new trends with the aim to provide the best possible service. Complex tasks are a special challenge for us, we use innovative approach to problem solving. Quality of service and mutual satisfaction are the foundation of our relationship with our clients.

Our know-how is built on business operations like procurement, logistics, finance, and commercialisation.

Meet the experts who are driving this melting pot of entrepreneurial skills:




Project Leader


Project Leader

Tomislav Knežević


Krešimir Ivić

Junior consultant

These core principles guide our every project:

Individual approach

Adjust to how other people like to do business.

Know the market

When the eye is on the market, changes aren’t a surprise.

Take the workload

It makes business easier to be proactive and bring suggestions and solutions first.

Never make false promises

Being honest about what can’t be done can save a relationship.

Share the network

Sharing the network since ’05 makes administration run smoother and projects faster.

We’ve used them over and over again in 4 different business sites across Europe

- Croatia

- Norway

- Lithuania

- Bosnia & Herzegovina

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